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Frequently Asked Questions :-

> Does having my air-con on use more fuel?

Yes, it will use a small amount of fuel but minimal. One of the main car consumer programmes on the television carried out a study and proved that you use more fuel having your front window down a fraction, than having your window shut and air-con on!

> I get a puddle of fluid under my vehicle if I run the system whilst stationary, is this a problem?

No, this means that your system is functioning correctly. The warm air coming in from outside of your vehicle contains moisture. When it hits the systems evaporator it cools it down and a certain amount of condensation is formed. This condensation is led by a drain to underneath the car.

> My system has a musty smell to it, can this be rectified?

Yes, the condensation that is formed on the evaporator over a period of time allows mould to form which causes the smell.  We carry a special chemical that we spray directly into the affected area to kill the mould and neutralise the smell.

> Do I only use my air-con in the warm weather?

No, the system is designed to be used all year round. If it is not used for any length of time it can cause problems like leaking seals. If used in conjunction with the heater it will clear your windscreen quicker than just your heater alone.  We recommend you use your system for a few minutes a week right throughout the year.

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